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Default Greek President is Probably Japanese Descent

Greek President is Probably Japanese Descent

June Conspiracy Calendar

March Conspiracy Calendar

Nowadays birthdays of politicians reveal their origins.

Greek President Karolos Papoulias was born on June 4, 1929.

To tell the truth, in Japan, Toyotomi Dinasty was overthrown on that day in 1615.

Papoulias assumed the presidency on March 12, 2005.

But in Japan, the day is Katsu Kaishu's birthday. He is particularly known for his role in the surrender of Edo (currently Tokyo).

Papoulias is suspected of causing political chaos in Greece. In fact his birthday and the day of assuming the presidency symbolize the downfall of the nation.

Japan's ultimate goal is destroy the nation of Greece, the great history of Greece, and so on.

He seems to be a Japanese descent.

Karolos Papoulias - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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