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Default Re: Christina Aguilera is controlled by the Illuminati -- how to help stop them both.

if the causers seek you out this is how they controll you. they get in the very fabric of your life. they watch you. wait for you. they start somtimes by a dog barking late at night and wake you up. every night. they run you down each day causeing problems. on your way to work. all of a suden people keep cuting you off. they know your habits. they go where you go sometimes there there waiting for you. so they can be rude to you. when you walk somwhere. there waiting for your next move. they walk a ways in front of you and sway your attatude with there body language they make sure your seeing. when you drive your car they tailgate you. keep honking the horn just as the light changes. where ever you go they know where your going. you go home somones playing a boom boom music in a car loud enought for you to hear. and play it till they see you at the window then they turn it down. then play it again after your not at the window. so you will not know whos foing it. you get the idea i think. its so they know what you got to be thinking. they actualy controll your thinking so they can controll you. and your life. as it goes on it gets so intense you change. your attatude your moods your habbits. when they single you out this is what they do. this is the kind of brain washing the chinees used once. and you dont even know why or if its intentional. thats part of it. they allso have authority over people in high places. and use them at you. one day you wont be able to afford to pay tax on your house.. this is where the los treetment starts. then youll lose your job. and collect unemployment.. loke.. oh sorry sir you only have a month to collect and its over. you think im kidding.. but there is a group of people no one knows about that does this. how do i know?. i found out then the game was over.. its the gov. they do this when they want somthing from you. to keep you from remembering somthing. or to use it to make sure your headed where they want you.. you name it
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