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Default Re: NWO International Vote Rigging Watch

How dare you! Insinuate Soros rigs elections! Why, he's out "promoting" democracy! Dont you read the newspapers? 8-)

With regards Australia...there are 2 'commentary and analysis' stalwarts of the Australian electoral system...Kerry O'Brian and Anthony Green.

When the final thrashing was posted the looks on their faces said it all..."jaw drop".

I pray to God I get a hold of the footage. It speaks more than a year long analysis of the result...which seems to have NEVER occured to anyone.

I always thought Howard would scrape home...the polls were saying this consistently for months...and then...THRASHING.

How would they have 'rigged' it to GAURANTEE HOwards re-election? Very difficult. Oz uses the old tried and true methods.

Other strange events was the COMPLETE dissapearence of the contender Mark Laitham. He SIMPLY dissapeared after a bout of 'pancreatitis'.

Latham was a Left wing conservative. Highly intelligent and ABSOLOUTLY outspoken. Known as a brawler (literally) and the only politition to have publicly called Bush "the most dangerous President in living memory"...and Howard and the Liberal party a bunch of "arse lickers"...with regards to following Bush.

He had a hatred of the establishment in this country and I was quite frankly surprised that his plane did'nt crash in a tragic accident just before the election.

Some internet commentators have commented that his life and family were threatened...given his COMPLETE silence and dissapearence from public life this would not surprise me.

He is about to release a book on the events leading up to the election. It's supposed to be riviting. I cant wait.
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