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Default Re: Christina Aguilera is controlled by the Illuminati -- how to help stop them both.

Originally Posted by Banned View Post
Yes they do. The Illuminati is vampiric in its very nature. They are an Order of Leaches who drain the life blood and resources of anything and everything they touch. They are Mystical Babalon. The only thing they can do is get as many Whores and Beasts that they can possibly find to raise the energies of the archetypal Beast/Whore combination. Yet this Consciousness and Energy is actually counterproductive and antithetical to the true Law of Universal Attraction.

Aquilera is a Babylonian Whore. She is being tapped and used to raised certain social energies which the Illuminati hope to help secure their hold on Power. But this Energy which they attempt to harnish is not real Energy, but only and inductive force which ends up destroying those who use it and results in the destruction of the balance of nature.

The Holy Bible gives several descriptions in the Old and New Testaments concerning this dynamic of Babylon. We know the Energy that they run on, and we also know that they will destroy themselves because this Energy is inherently self-destructive. What this suggests in the equation is that there is a point (call is Omega Point, Zero Hour as you will) where the potential Energy for the magnetic attractive force (the Golden Cup of Babylon) will cease to have the necessary social fuel to sustain itself. At this point the ONLY thing that can happen is that the Beast will begin to consume the Whore, for that is the only way to maintain its psycho-social 'food' source. This is why the Beast is described as 'devouring' and 'despising' the Whore. Once this Aeonic formula runs its full course, you will see that the Whore who seemed to hold such Power and Glamor, becomes nothing but a barren Widow cast out to the desert of Sorrow and Sin where she will perrish in the Wilderness of Mirage and Delusion (which is where she actually came from).

Aquilera is just one example of this Whore dynamic. We know that this is not the true energy or power of woman. And therefore her demise and the demise of the entire mechanical social circuitry will shortly begin to 'short circuit.'
Unfortunately I remain sceptical as to the Illuminati thesis.

See my thread on this forum below:
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