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Default Re: Human Civilisation Founded on Slavery?

Originally Posted by writer1981 View Post
China is using what I think is a new form of communism. I think the media are calling it capitalist communism. Strangely enough it seems to be working well for the chinese. Their economy is one of strongest right now or so it seems.

Where ever there is someone wanting to oppress someone else there will always be slavery. It's the extreme extended version of Social Dominance.

Nearly every German citizen before and during world war 2 was a slave to Adolf Hitlers Regime. Anyone who opposed or even tried to flee the country were imprisoned, tortured and/or killed.

Although I am sure some people like my great grandparents managed to get out of Germany before Hitler came to power.

Slavery still exists because in some countries unbelievably it is still tolerated .
On a psycho-sociological level as well remnants of the slave ethic still survive.
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