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Default Mandatory RFID Chips.

hello everyone,

I have just signed up to this website and it is also the first forum I have actually taken an interest in. I apologise if there is already a thread for this.

I'm sure most of you have watched the film Zeitgeist and its sequel. It talks about the plans of the NWO and its plan make microchip implants compulsory for all.

Personal details, currency and even a tracking device will be stored on this chip.

I've decided that when this finally happens, I will go underground and actually fight this system. i'm not sure how, or what i would do tbh. but if there were enough of us in this movement we should be able to do some harm.

what about you lot? would you be willing to be chipped like dogs, or would you leave/take your family and physically fight against it?

Sure, the media and gorvornemt would call such a group 'Terrorist' But I, and im sure some/most of you be willing to go this far to stop this ultimate imposition by Big Brother.

Anyone know if there are any such groups like this in existence that are preparing for this? or do I have to build an army myself?

opinions/answers pleaseeee :)

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