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Default Destroyers of empires

Ancient rome, the gods, the heros, the history and culture... and then theres the jews. with there one testamint of history. the old testimant scroll! a story for next time. lets focus on the most recent event first! ah yes, the pen was mightyer than the sword for one group of people in two great altercations of history on the grandest occasions! the romans, a mighty awesome empire crumbled to the jewish invention of jesus christ of nazurath! like they did to the egyptain empire with the invention god! what will the jews do next? destroy the american empire! why? cuz thats what they do! but how you ask? they made god, then jesus. so... now what? THE ANTI CHRIST! me! the new king of the jews!!! muwahahahahaha! tremble in terror humans!!! it is me! i confess! worship me! i saw the iron man movie with robert downing jr. so if he can tell the world who he is and its all good then why not me? the anti christ? - yours truly, the A.C.


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