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Default Re: Mandatory RFID Chips.

Originally Posted by psycho.renegade View Post
hiii thanks for replying =]

welll to be perfectly honest i wasn't sure what kind of response i was expecting.

in an ideal world i'd just love to gather a group of people and start our own community free of any govornment/NWO. like 'The Beach' lolll

however... i would be unbelievably lost without my DSL lmao.

i suppose mainstream society and civilisation has gone to shit whether anyone likes it or not. And it seems way too late to do anything about it. all i feel we can do is run from it, cuz as you say... what could i do?
Don't run from it.

Face it and stay true to yourself.

That's all you can do.

For now.

Peace be with you,
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