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Default Re: The Origens Of Mothers Day

Draken, you are being ridiculous.

You have made a VERY big mistake. A mistake I see many Europeans making.

You have romanticised the indiginous way of life.

Europeans LOVE to romanticise the indiginous peoples of the world and unfortunately the actual way indiginous people lived is far removed from the romantic western ideal.

Firstly, the American Indians spent a GREAT deal of time killing each other. They were absoloutly ruthless with each other and cruel.

They died all sorts of horrible ways from disease and starvation before the white man EVER arrived.

Yes there was traditional wisdom. You dont live in an area for thousands of years and not have traditional wisdom. White men have traditional wisdom many follow it? How many Indians were ALL virtuous and true?

How many Indians sold out for whiskey and weapons? Did they have it forced down their necks? Where was their ability to stand alone before God and say...N-O...They could'nt stand before God because they were Pagans...the State of the unconscious mind. They had N-O differentiated consciousness and God hates people who will not move out of unconscious states.

This love affair people have with the East and indiginous religious beliefs is a step back...NOT a step forward. The East has NOTHING to teach a Westerner. I dont need their Yogi's and there platitudes...we have it in the N.T. Right there. If it survives the endless assault.

In my home country the local natives were wiped out in some whom? The Red Coats? The British Crown? the local landholders and their low life henchmen. Local aboriginal tribes also spent a great deal of time at each others throats before the white man came and you should see the old footage of the early 1900's...tribes, untouched by modern civilization, living in s-h-i-t and VERY short on the 'noble savage'.

It's happened Drak. Very sad. People do horrible Europe immune? Ha!

You like many things about the old conservative ways of societal structure. The very 'establishment' of which you express a fondness is the VERY reason that sicko cults like the Illuminati can arise.

The establishment of old wallowed in luxuary for years while the common people lived in shit...and then we wonder why ideas like Communism get a hold?

Are you saying the Constitution and Bill of Rights is a fraud? An Illuminati/Mason fraud? A way to usher in a police state and tyrannical rule?

They sure picked a funny way of wording it if thats the case.

For once the PEOPLE have a say. The people can choose to live free of the endless shit foisted on them by the tyrannies of old.

Dark and powerful forces have kept the people from 'actualising' the potentials of their constitution and bill of rights. The American people have been under attack from day dot. Yes they are ignorent and stupid...they've been made that way by forces based in Europe using their lackeys on the East coast.

Is their ANY country in the world that has been SO attacked? It has been under attack because for the first time their was NO divine rights of Kings but the divine right of people to exist free and under God!

Is it the peoples fault they have failed to live up to it? They are under attack 24 hours a day. They have NO free press.

It's easy to attack the yanks. The useless lazy Europeans should have a good look at the beam in their eye.

They sold out long ago. Are knuckling down nicely and WILLINGLY under a benevolent police state.

The whole of fucking Europe is one big Gothic/pagan occult ritual but you blast the yanks?

Where did it come from?

My flatmate is German...the whole place is a den of death cults and Wicca meetings...drugged out rave parties and street marches for the sexually and spiritually depraved. The home of "Shit" eating films!

Since when does the constitution espouse 'secular humanism'? It seperates church and state. The laws of the land, the constitution and the political system are ALL built around the Christian faith. The moral and ethical ground on which it stands under God.

Seperation of church and state and secular humanism (laws from the intellectual minds of men) are 2 different things.

Please me ONE society that has been perfect? One that has lived up to it's ideals? One that has been based totally on initial conditions of freedom and justice?

That society is yet to come. But it may not be to far off.

I'm sick of people bagging America.

Lets bag the Elitist European scum and their lackeys who give the 'reasonably' decent and kind Americans a bad name.

What was it Ghandi said when asked about Western civilization? "I think it might be a good idea".

Dont fall for the step back Drak.
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