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Default Re: Wicca: Not the Faery Folk, but the Fatty Folk

I can see that some of you are unaware of the dictionary definition of Wiccan. This is a very common state of affairs today. Therefore, for the sake of accuracy and scholarship, let us define our terms.

Urban Dictionary: wiccan

1. Wiccan: A pretty poor excuse for teenage rebellion. Mostly populated by fat women who like to read and write poetry. These 'wiccans' pretend they're witches and go to Renaissance Festivals to buy all the cheap smelling incense to burn when they hang out with their other fat lesbian friends, who also read and write poetry. All of them pretend to be English Intellectuals and want to write poetry or fantasy novels for a living, despite being horribly inept and writing drivel of the highest degree.

For the most part, these women are extremely defensive of their beliefs, claiming that they're following the oldest belief there is, when in fact they're trying to justify their behavior so that they can get out of going to Church every Sunday or just so they seem cool.

If these people were actual witches, they'd do cool **** like turn people into giant spiders that attack people, or shoot out bolts of fire to burn down villages, or flying.

Unfortunately, they say they like holistic magic involving their Goddess or God, which is one of the more useless wastes of their time. These types don't move on to an afterlife or reincarnate, making their belief system a large moot point.

Don't be a Wiccan.

Use in the sentence: "Hey, I heard Rachel is practicing Wicca now."

"That sounds about right, Rachel's a fat poetry-writing lesbian who's a real *****. She pretends to be an English Intellectual all the time, so it'd make sense she would become a Wiccan."

2. Wiccan: A person who practices Wicca. for the most part, wiccans are stupid pc idiots who don' t even know the history of their own religion. they love to take offense at phrases like 'dark magic' or 'evil witch. '

Use in a sentence: "My family has been wiccan for generations. I'm going to see where my ancestors were burned in salem." You idiot, Wicca didn' t even exist fifty years ago. Go burn some incense or something.
"Stop persecuting me! Aiee!"

3. Wiccan: A Harry Potter fan.
Ben: Eric and Dora camped outside the movie theater for a year!

Amber: wth?! why?

Ben: They were waiting for the new harry potter movie.

Amber: They're such Wiccans!

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