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Default Re: Religion, God and Different Views on Spiritual Matters


I feel all warm and fuzzy.

Aghh, now back to MY faith, the New Testament.

It disturbs me that people will turn quickly to obscure pagan religions with out making the slightest attempt at understanding the faith of their OWN anscestors.

I blame the church and their passive emmissaries called priests.

Of course Drak...that obscure, silly, Mason/Illuminati inspired article called the American Constitution protects that right to choose your faith in law. You reckon thats a peice of crap?

I really dont know where you stand sometimes.

Sometimes you sound like the Illuminati/Masons of which you proclaim to be against?

Where EXACTLY do you stand? NOTHING is TOTALLY mutually exclusive but you seem to freewheel around alot of different points of view. Some of which I DO believe are mutually exclusive.
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