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Default Re: Learn How To Summon Ufo's

I have pictures and video. The only thing is the video is compressed when it goes on the net so it's hard to see. ---> - DJ ICE9 SUMMONS UFO USING HIDDEN NAME OF THE CREATOR YAHWEH. - Uploaded by DJICE9 If you listen to what I say in the video I say to do it yourself and see with your own eyes. Yahweh want's his people to know that He is real and will show up to let you know you have found the truth. If you want to see the Pictures go here. ---> Pictures by djice9 - Photobucket If you want to read my blogs and check out more pictures and a bunch of my research go to MySpace - DJICE9 READ MY BLOGS YOU'LL BE SHOCKED! - 34 - Male - LOS ANGELES, California - Read my blogs and check the pictures.
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