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Originally Posted by Banned View Post
I think the YTers really like my Stellarium rendering of the Star of Bethlehem. I did a lot of research on the Star of Bethlehem and ended up with a fairly decent rendering on Stellarium of the Jupiter/Luna conjunction in Aries on Dec. 19-20 B.C.

The evidence points to the evening of Dec. 19-20 as the Nativity of Our Lord in Bethlehem.

I'll try to get a more clear rendering so you can see it come into full parallel conjunction and jupiter stationary.

But the youtubers seem to really enjoy the research so far. Gotta get all my evidence in order so I can make a really good rendering for this next holiday season.

One can see the great sign given on the Nativity. The King Child (Jupiter) stationary (held) in conjunction with the Virgin Mother (Mary) in the House of Aries (Bethelehm the House of Bread/Grain, Manger). It is a beautiful sign of that which was happening above, was also happening below. And the best thing about it is, we now have scientific evidence to confirm its reality.

Most people have moved on to the spring and are preparing for summer festivities. But I'm still singing Christmas carols. Because when you're me, every day is Christmas Day. Yes, I jest not. I do in fact sing and listen to Christmas carols all year round.

YouTube - Bethlehem - Theocracy (from Soul Mirror)
fascinating research. how did you know i was a Aries? yes, im an aries. horns of the ram, war in my vains, all that Cool and good stuff. -yours truly, the Divine A.C.!
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