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Default Re: The Origens Of Mothers Day

IMO, we do not live in "The FREE World." We never have.

Brainwashed to believe we live in America, the land of the free and the home of the brave from "cradle to grave."

They re-write history and our children learn from the books that THEY supply to our school system.

The truth, they say, can never be told to the people as to their REAL roots/agenda.

Divide and conquer through fear. Red states against Blue states. Religious fanatics against abortion and those who aren't. Religious fanatics and the black community's fear of homosexuality and those who aren't.

Soon, you are fighting amongst one another and more and more of the people relinquish their power to those in control. A "transference" of power is made.

They have accomplished this in the Middle East and now they are there.

The first step is to educate as to the "Federal Reserve" and it's real purpose.

The second is to educate as to the Constitution and that this document was delivered to the people for their protection and that the people ought to learn how to implement it when they have grievances against their government.

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