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Default Re: The Origens Of Mothers Day

True, you've made a big mistake if you thought all this time I was unreserved Christian. I was born into the Christian faith but I can't say I agree a 100% with the mainstream Christian doctrine.
I have a lot of time for the teachings of Jesus but my understanding in many ways differ A LOT from the fundamentalist Judeo-Christian faith which is so widespread in our times.
Most of the original teachings of Jesus were totally misunderstood, on purpose or unwittingly, by the early Church people who lived at the time.

First of all, let me reiterate that we live in total, utter degeneration, therefore everything we refer to in history or religious thinking, is a corrupted, degenerated version - UNLESS, we go back in mythology far enough to be able to discern some other standard than what we almost can't help using today as norm.

truebeliever wrote:
Firstly, the American Indians spent a GREAT deal of time killing each other. They were absoloutly ruthless with each other and cruel.
What do you mean when you use words like "ruthless" and "cruel"? I think it's totally futile to dream of some utopia where people will not kill eachother, or animals for that matter. It really is in the human nature. The difference is in the ATTITUDE towards taking a life and for WHAT PURPOSE. Let's not forget the GIVING of life also, as in giving ONE'S OWN life, in sacrifice for a higher purpose, like the survival of the clan or nation or tribe.

This utterly naive illusion of no killing is what evil rotten rulers have used to motivate millions of people into killing millions of their fellow men - it's Bush's "Perpetual War For Perpetual Peace" Satanic nonsense.

Tribesmen from Africa have such a TOTALLY different view of battle, war and duels to the death, we have no idea.
I read this description once of how tribal people somewhere in Africa conduct warfare:
when two tribes are at war with eachother the leaders of the two tribes choose one champion each to fight for the whole tribe. They fight to the death and the tribe whose champion win the battle is the victor and wins whatever they were fighting over: a piece of land, animals etc.
They do this so that not the whole tribe would have to fight, shedding much more blood than necessary also risking every individual tribe members' life.
The fighter that was chosen thought it was an honor to be chosen; he was honored for his skill and ability and chosen to defend his tribe and its claims. He was willing and able to sacrifice himself for a higher purpose, but let's not forget he thought he was fighting for a higher purpose and was VERY capable of WINNING the fight. He wasn't feeling sorry for himself - winning would give him tremendous glory.
Talking about purpose, I have to point out that tribes like this would not risk a fellow tribesman's life for silly disputes; it was about the survival of the tribe, not secret government contracts to make more money...

What does Modern Man do?

The only thing I need to say is MacNamara: he pushes a button and hundreds of thousands die. If that's the standard by which you measure how "civilized" a people are then I prefer dying a horrible death where I can feel my life being taken. I hope I can muster up enough courage. You don't need any courage to die in an atomic blast.

There is a higher aspect of the Fight - a Sacred symbolism that we've talked about before. You seem to have agreed then. I don't understand your 180° turn...?

How many Indians sold out for whiskey and weapons? Did they have it forced down their necks? Where was their ability to stand alone before God and say...N-O...They could'nt stand before God because they were Pagans...the State of the unconscious mind. They had N-O differentiated consciousness and God hates people who will not move out of unconscious states.
This is utter rubbish. I'm surprised you wrote this! Are you serious? What do you mean? A pagan (non-Christian) can't stand before God and communicate honestly???

This, if you're serious, is a perfect example of Western arrogance: to think they are "more evolved". *Yuk*

This love affair people have with the East and indiginous religious beliefs is a step back...NOT a step forward. The East has NOTHING to teach a Westerner. I dont need their Yogi's and there platitudes...we have it in the N.T. Right there. If it survives the endless assault.
Only the NT has been subverted and corrupted from almost the very beginning. What can be distilled out of it - by squeezing very hard - which is genuine Traditional wisdom, has been taken from pre-Christian belief systems much older. There's a good reason as any to go to the older, pagan sources.
If you read Jesus' words you might suspect he's talking about meditation, yogic practices, chakras etc. I certainly think in many cases that's what he's talking about. The problem is it's so veiled and there really isn't any practical or theoretic instructions in the NT, so it's up to the reader to find it for themselves, if indeed they have the perception to understand it in this more esoteric way.

In my home country the local natives were wiped out in some whom? The Red Coats? The British Crown? the local landholders and their low life henchmen. Local aboriginal tribes also spent a great deal of time at each others throats before the white man came and you should see the old footage of the early 1900's...tribes, untouched by modern civilization, living in s-h-i-t and VERY short on the 'noble savage'.
You can live in s-h-i-t and be more noble than the Dalai lama.

It's happened Drak. Very sad. People do horrible Europe immune? Ha!
I never said Europe was immune. Europe is experiencing the same Kali Yuga the entire world is experiencing. You seem to think that because my opinion of the West is thoroughly negative I automatically think Europe is the Garden of Eden. Wherever did you get THAT idea?


This is about 2/3 through your post. I can't continue now cus I have to go to a party and get drunk. Poor me.

I'll continue at a later stage.
Three things are sacred to me: first Truth, and then, in its tracks, primordial prayer; Then virtue–nobility of soul which, in God walks on the path of beauty. Frithjof Schuon
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