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Default Re: Aliens Exist or Don't Exist.

Originally Posted by cbluemagica View Post
FOOD! mmmmhmmmhmmm! nothing better! aliens are a good source of protien. the tall grey ones taste like poultry. while the red and black ones should be dipped in chocalate. the pink furry ones are like cotton candy. the bulky thick almost giant like ones taste like beef jerky. while the blue fairy like ones are poisenouse unless smashed properly. the list goes on and on. theres lots of different type of aliens. i dont have all day nor the patients to explain. so take it how you want. but know i speak the truth. i wouldnt dream of wasting anyones time on here. theres a reason for everything. meaning this is meant for someones eyes specifically. so dont flag it! -thanks, the A.C.
You're not wasting anyone's time on here other than your own.

Specifically with the above post.

How much time did you waste posting that?

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