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Default Re: The Origens Of Mothers Day

Excuse me? ""Religious fanatics against abortion""?

So you have to be a religious fanatic to be against abortion?

I hav'nt set foot in a church in over 20 years. I've taken and dealt more drugs in my lost days than most. Thought socialism was great and liking your country for freaks.

I cant stand the useless church and the equally useless priests and there sell out to power...the wrong kind.

Abortion is murder.

Blue Angel we need to make a society that welcomes life and honours a Mothers role in society and not see it as a nuiscence that needs to be killed/aborted so ones prefered lifestyle is'nt compromised.

The mass abortion industry is an example of how low we've gone.

"J" would be a mass of dead pink flesh in the bin of a government sponsored abortion clinic if her Mother had followed my advice. Advice that i am eternally ashamed of.

Please feel free to call me a religious fanatic.
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