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Default Re: Joseph D. Douglass, Ph.D., author of "Red Cocaine: The Drugging of America and the West"

The "Secret Government" equals the "corrupt" CIA. That entity that controls both parties through blackmail, etc. They all belong to the same "cult," wealthy elitists, Skull and Bone's members.

They are owned and operated by them. Receive Senate seats for life. Pushed up the ladder from a young age. Groomed for the job. Look how Katherine Harris was rewarded for her job in the 1st Bush election.

They know who the next president is going to be before we do. They fix the elections as we have witnessed first-hand.

Worse than the Mossad. They own the Mafia. The Mafia are merely the middlemen. The CIA owns and controls the drug trade, prostitution, mind control programs, sex and pedophile rings.

Of course, profits are used to fund their black ops.

But, you already knew this!!
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