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Default Re: Aliens May Exist But Contact Would Hurt Humans; Hawkings

Originally Posted by superted View Post
Well my point is your misinterpreted what he/she was saying but I'm assuming my following explanation will not be heeded.

"I have no clue why you are of the opinion that the chances of an "alien" society being more advanced than we are is unlikely.

Care to back up your opinion with "scientific" facts?

Didn't think so.

Because, obviously, scientific facts about aliens do not exist and netiher do any "scientific" facts exist regarding whether or not they are more advanced than we are.

Speculation is all that exists regarding ET's.

If, as you believe, an alien society had to grow up in competitive conditions just as we have, what makes you believe they did not prevail in being more advanced than we are?"

Your entire rebuttal to Fallaciesabound what aimed at questioning why he 'knows for fact' that aliens might not be more advanced than us. My point is that he never said such a thing, his "AND" was implying he thought it very unlikely that advanced aliens would also be caring and nice aliens towards us on encounter - much as Dr. Hawking is predicting.
I have no clue why you feel it is necessary to explain another poster's comment to me and/or respond for them, but you do.

I think FallaciesAbound is capable of responding to me and, obviously, he didn't because my response to him was "right on."

Just because FallaciesAbound said, "more advanced AND benevolent" within the context of his post, doesn't equate to my comment being wrong.

You are confused as to what he wrote, not me.

In addition, you have not excerpted him correctly.

FA stated that he believes chances are that aliens might NOT be more advanced than us.

You forgot the "MIGHT NOT BE" part of his sentence.

You excerpted:

"more advanced and benevolent."

I did not address his opinion about aliens being benevolent.

So, again, you are confused.

I asked him to back up his belief that aliens would NOT be more advanced than us with scientific fact in order to PROVE that NONE of us has a clue about ALIENS because there are no FACTS that exist regarding this species.

Please provide an excerpt wherein Hawkings' states that he believes ALIENS would be nice.

Here is the definition for benevolent:

....marked by or disposed to doing good.

FA said, in his opinion, he doesn't believe that aliens would be more advanced and benevolent.

You are so confused.

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