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Default Re: Warning. Above Top Secret is a CIA/Freemason front!

Originally Posted by kerry View Post
i had the same problem with the catholic online forum
Catholic Online Forum • Index page

seems when i posted somthing right out of the bible i was given a hard time. and followed with complaints like you dident put a period there and things loke that. what i did was copy and paste somthing out of the online bible.. thats when the admin started harassing me
Yes Kerry, they don't like you telling them what is right
Catholic priests are taught from seminary books written by other priests, only the Pope can read the Bible!
That is according to them

You and I both know that isn't the case.

In this world the closed minded idiots that run these sites are just in it for the glory. Anyone that comes along and shows them that their crap is just that, a big pile of steaming cow manure , get sent to purgatory.

Don't sweat it kiddo, you have plenty of friends on here, and we will listen to you all day
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