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The Star of Bethlehem: When the Moon was in the 7th House and Jupiter aligned with Mars

They say that the truth is stranger than fiction, but I tell you the truth, nothing could have prepared me for this. This is one of those once in a life serendipitous moments when you realize that what man calls 'syncronicity' is far mor than just random syncronicity.

So, I will boldly put form the thesis: Our Lord Jesus Christ was born when the Moon was in the 7th House and Jupiter was aligned with Mars. How so, you ask? Good question. And it deserves an answer.

As I have already related in a previous note on the Star of Bethlehem, we now have scientific/astronomical evidence that fully and accurately verifies the Gospel account of the Nativity of the Christ in Matthew. Jupiter had become stationary after a long retrograde transit. It became stationary in the Sign of Aries in conjunction with the waxing gibeous Moon. We know from Ptolomies Tetrabiblos (the authority of ancient astrology), written sometime in the late first century, that Aries was the Ruler and Sign of Syria and Judea. That is the very reason why the Magi traveled to Jerusalem after first observing the conjunction of Jupiter, Sol, and Luna in Aries earlier that spring (i.e., April 17, 6 B.C.). The Magi followed and kept making observation of Jupiter all during this time of its retrograde motion. That is why Matthew relates the star as, 'Transiting before them, and becomeing Stationary over where the Child was.'

Yet if this is not profound enough of a discovery, there is one more that is not only mind-blowing but Hilarious in the transcendent/platonic sense. This discovery is that when Jupiter became stationary in conjunction with the Moon in Aries, both Jupiter and the Moon were in the 7th Astrological House near the Horizen to the west of Jerusalem. Also, Mars was in perfect opposition alignment with Jupiter in the 12th House to the east of Jerusalem. It is not am myth, a jest, or a prevarication: it is a verifiable astronomical fact. At the Nativity of Jesus Christ, the Moon was in the 7th House and Jupiter was aligned with Mars.

To see this for yourselves and for your own personal study, I refer you to the graphic renderings below which show what the heavens above Jerusalem and Bethlehem looked like upon Dec. 19, 6 B.C. when our Lord Jesus Christ entered into the House of Bread and was born in a Manger, and was held and wrapped in swadling cloth by his mother Mary.

Therefore it would appear that the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius is the Dawning of a Great New Era of Christ. Praise to God Almighty for His Wisdom that cannot be measured! And I say with Rebeccah of old, ' God has made me to laugh'. For all the Sons of Abraham through faith in Christ are named Laughter, Hilarion, and Issac.

Jupiter stationary in conjunction with the Moon in Aries the 7th House, at aprox. 11P.M Dec. 19, 6. B.C.

Dec. 19, 6 B.C. -- the Nativity of Christ: Mars in Virgo in the 12th House in opposition alignment with Jupiter and the Moon in Aries the 7th House.

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