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Default Re: big ciggarrette cover up

Hmmm....I've got a feeling your trying to annoy me ihimself...

First, I'll address kerry. Alcohol in moderation has no health risks, and in fact in the over 40s 2 units a day can actually have health benefits. Whereas tobacco has absolutely none, and it doesn't take many to do serious damage to your body. Of course people abuse alcohol and it kills thousands a year but that shouldn't take away from the majoirty that use it responsibly.

"But who the f* am I to stop you, or tax you, for eating too many tomatoes?"
Well ihimself, your analogy doesn't hold up as tomatoes in moderate are fine, whereas tobacco in moderation is still a health risk. That's the difference! Here in the UK I don't give a rat's ass if you wanna smoke yourself into an early grave, be my guest! BUT I do not think it's fair that my hard earned tax money should be spent on you while your dying slowly in hospital. You choose to smoke, peer pressure or whatever pressure, it was still your final decision. I was pressured into smoking in my teenage years but I didn't.

So while your wasting my tax money on expensive surgery, drugs, etc there are other really unfortunate people out there, like little kids with congenital disease that didn't choose to die, that don't get the best drugs or enough of the doctor's time just because, "I want to smoke to relieve my stress and awaken the mind.....blah...blah....blah"

"The price increase will ultimately increase crime rates, as people having a ciggarette, shop owners, etc, will face others, with no money, desperate enough to rob them. Violently if need be. And it is already happening."

That's just hilarious!

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