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Default Re: big ciggarrette cover up

Originally Posted by superted View Post
Hmmm....I've got a feeling your trying to annoy me ihimself...
Your tax dollars is not spent on smokers dying slowly. What a lame media driven excuse to support the new tax hike that isn't affecting anyone but those who can least afford it.

The healthiest of people, who never smoked, have dropped on the floor dead from a heart attack. Or rushed to hospital wasting your tax dollars. If they were smokers, it would have been attributed to their heart failure. The statistics are an absolute farce.

Again, anything in excess will kill you. But I don't care what people do in excess, it is their choice.

The analogy of the tomato was to point out that you are forbidden, by law, to buy or grow fresh tobacco, you MUST, by LAW, buy packaged tobacco, DRAINED in over 1000000 chemicals specifically designed to destroy any ambition to quit or any reduction in use. The government does NOT care for your health. Claiming to care, without banning or prohibiting these companies from using these chemicals, is ridiculous, if not down right insulting.

It's money money money....and, if anything, the government has given these companies more reason, more license, to add more chemicals, or increase the dosages, to ensure they do not lose out on consumers. THAT is a conspiracy.

Everywhere you go...don't smoking...smoking prohibited. It's all subliminal advertising. And damn it works well.

And as for the increase in crime....don't be a tool. Of course thy're gonna rob more people more stores for it. You must live a cushy life. If they can't have ciggy's, let them smoke cake!

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