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Default Re: Hi, I'm Jane Doe and I'm dead.

Counter-intuitive, indeed.
Let's shine some light in this grave place:

On that eye see show me your ways
Teach me to meet my desires
With some grace
On that eye fear don't turn away
And leave me to plead in this whole other place
What if I never break

vistuary won't you take me
far away, far away

On that eye seek please police me
I want you to police me
But keep it clean

now that you mean my place
now let's take them away
Strong as you've seen old as you be
thats why I hold you
you will always obey

On that eye feel cap it always
teach me to grieve and conspire
with my age

On that eye I can see
go mystic spree
seething routine
I could never navigate
maybe i like to stray

no harm it seems be less free
Not today
It's like you want it that way

On that eye see peaceful life's run away from me
Run away from me

We would like to take signs
That's why I hold you
and bring silence in disguise
we would like to meet
that's why I hold you
that's why I hold you
that's why I hold you4 Responses to “Lights Lyrics Interpol”

I enjoy the process and analytical thought process of this work. I don't know if it is expressed well enough for those outside of the aether. Double skin is the theme.

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