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Originally Posted by revoltnow View Post
Did you know that durin the first moon landing a transmission that was not broadcast to the public but was picked up by thousands of ham radio operators was recorded.The transmission contains numerus mentions of other craft around the astronaughts that were not of earth origin, and that they felt they were being warned off the moon.the so called "people in charge" know so much more than has ever been admited or released.And we pay their wages apparently! The lies just keep rolling over all of us - do u just wanna lay down and accept it?

Apollo UFO Photos
Is there some reason why you come to this site and accuse people of laying down and accepting their lies.

I suggest you stroll around the forum before you jump to unfounded conclusions.

Most of us are here because we're not laying down and accepting their lies.

We stand up and rebute them.

I only lay down when I'm sleeping.
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