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Default Re: Dinosaur Hoax - Dinosaurs Never Existed!

Intelligent... now ther is a word coming from you.

Go piss in someone else's cornflakes, mushdummy.

Insults... that's all you can serve up are insults.

It's a sad sack of shite that has to raise himself by putting others down.

We can all learn a lesson from you...
1) We can all try and be nice in our comments and responses.

2) We should all be prepared to be challenged. Make sure you don't find your idea in the bottom of a crackerjack box. Someone clever will challenge you. I'm not that clever, and muchdummy's theories are easy to pick holes in and now he is trying to erase the dinosaur. O.K.

I guess those fossils in my living room should vanish into thin air just about now.

I am waiting...

They are still there. They exist.

Mushy, what's your excuse for you and your fossilized ideas?

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