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Default Re: The Origens Of Mothers Day

Because, through this I have seen the machinations first hand of the NWO adherents, the criminals and their hangers on.

To understand the scum you need to understand the drug trade.

Besides...that life was a part of me. I'm afraid of NO aspect of my life. Through it i have recieved valuable insights into just how they work and the personal philosophy of these people.

I live in Australia...not the U.S...we are far from a police state yet.

People would ask when i job hunted after 4 years of dealing..."what did you do for this blanked out period"?..."I dealt drugs for a living"...I would reply. Because thats exactly what I did.

So I could get out. Buy property and set it up before a world conflageration.

I was a complete hypocrit. Two wrongs do not make a right.

"Why should I give a stuff about people". I'll take their money. They're dumb sheep anyway. And slowly i became exactly like the supposed enemy i despise.

Beside BA...i've paid my dues to society. It's over and done with. I thank God every day for the insights.

You do not have to be a little angel to have Christ in your life.

Some of the most thoughtful, decent, compassionate human beings I know have led VERY dubious lives in the past.

Some of the biggest arseholes I know have attended Church every Sunday for their entire lives.

And some very nice and decent middle class people believe abortion is o.k.

I'm glad your son in the marines has a mother like you though. I hope he gets out soon. Grows up and manages to think for himself.
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