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Default Re: big ciggarrette cover up

Originally Posted by superted View Post
Are you so unbelievably selfish like ihimself
ahem....why am I so selfish? I haven't even answered your question yet. And not just selfish...unbelievably selfish. jeez.

I WAS going to say it was a GOOD question, but now I will say....

There is no good or bad....there just is.

To be honest? I think it falls in the same category as those who get away with murder by pleading insanity.

No, I don't think kids with leukemia should be on a waiting list, to save a poor old drunkard from dying a death he so blatantly brought upon himself. But I doubt it is that simple. Who decides he has drunk himself to that point? I'm sure there are cases way beyond reasonable doubt, but most cases would cast a lot of doubt. Who decides? And I'm sure, as with pleas of insanity, and a whole range of just causes, that lawyers here have run rampant within our so called justice system, lie the questions....what lead them to drink so excessively? Was it a choice? Compulsion? Uncontrollable? Again, I doubt it's that simple.

And giving a child with leukemia a new kidney, does not guarantee anything for that child.

It is the same as asking a mother to let go, destroy her unborn child that is to develop polio, or cerebral palsy, to save our ailing health system, or someone who deserves it more. Don't you think that is quite selfish? I'm sure Hitler had such plans. Others deciding who was worth saving and who wasn't.

But let's not forget we are talking about smoking a dried plant for christs sake. With medical benefits. Prolonged for 50 years. And as I said earlier, the statistics are a farce. Cancer is a prime example of how far this tobacco rubbish has gone. NOTHING causes cancer, because we are ALL BORN with it.
There are so many KNOWN attributions to its growth within the body. You standing in front of the computer right now, surrounding yourself with high volumes of radiation, for example.
And instead of pegging back our reliance on electricity, we increase our necessity, developing third world countries to produce more, destroying the very fabric of existence and life on this planet.

Yet you choose to fight the tobacco smokers. Passionately. It's just craziness.

Hell, eating too much chocolate will undoubtedly kill you much sooner. Or Mcdonalds?? Let's tax the crap out of Mcdonalds, and prevent any healthcare to these people who are KNOWINGLY destroying themselves.

Again, it's just craziness, and I'm dissappointed in you superted. I'm not here to annoy you, don't flatter yourself. I'm just here to speak my mind. That is all. Whether I'm always right and never wrong does not matter.

What DOES matter is my freedom to speak it. I feel as things are going, even speaking my mind is going to be illegal. It has been before.

What I think, is not always what I do.......

If it was......

I'd be left with no imagination.

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