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Default Re: Warning. Above Top Secret is a CIA/Freemason front!

Originally Posted by kerry View Post
ok can somone give me more info on whats going on at ats. im a member there my user name there is kbeet. whats going on in there am i in any kind of tubble that dident happen yet by going in to ats. what do i not do why are you in trubble with ats how do i stay out of trubble should i quit ats tell me somthing
Hi kerry,

I'm not one to detract from anyone's enjoyment of anything, so the best advice I can give you for going on ATS is, don't get involved in any debates over subjects, don't get flagged up (keep a low profile) and if they do attack you take a breather and leave for a while.

Without going into too many details of what is going on there lately, they have started a purge of all those people that would question the mainstream views of 'science', society and the governments.
It being a "Conspiracy" Site is a complete farce!

Anyway, just follow the above advice and you should be fine.

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