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Originally Posted by kerry View Post
all of a suden tyhe gov of connecticut deems smoking is bad and decides to raise the price of buying smokes every tiimee somone dies from smoking.. people die from drinking to.. like liver malfunction due to drinking.. like they care.. when what they realy think is that smokers can be used as a nother way to get tax dollars. ciggarrettes are now 10 dollars a pack.. and more in some places. if half the usa smokes. the tobaco company pays tax. after we pay the tobaco company by buying smokes. aand every time somone dies. the price and tax goes up. f---ing blood suckers are geting tax money gained by somone dieing. and using smokers habit of smoking which is hard to brake.
Hi kerry,

Here in Australia, the government has already recently increased the tax on cigarettes by 18%, which will profit them 4 billion dollars over four years.
They have said that this money will go into health care, but i don't believe them! Last time they increased it, by 3%, none of that money even came near the health industry, they used it to supplement their superannuation funds!
The reason, they say, for the increase, is to pay for future ill-health problems of smokers. The problem is that smokers, in our system, can be denied health care by doctors, because they smoke. On any list of operations, they can be put to the bottom of the list indefinitely and never get the health care required!

As to the health effects of smoking, well let's see: All the "paid" doctors that support the ill effects of smoking scenario are on the governments payroll. Add that to the fact that there are other "independent" studies on smoking that show it isn't bad. (Not from cigarette company doctors).

What makes smoking bad?
The chemicals that are placed in the cigarettes!

So, the government forces the placement of these chemicals in the tobacco, and then runs advertising campaigns on the ill effects of those chemicals in tobacco, and increases the taxes to pay for some non-existent health care for smokers!

I think the government should be bought up on charges of "Chemical Negligence"! Any company or organization which knowingly adds into a product or knowingly induces a poisonous chemical into the system, is guilty of "Biological Terrorism".

So, be thankful you don't live here!

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