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Default Re: big ciggarrette cover up

"No, I don't think kids with leukemia should be on a waiting list, to save a poor old drunkard from dying a death he so blatantly brought upon himself." - Good. And yes your right it is never as simple as that but it still happens.

"With medical benefits" Those would be? And even if there are medical benefits, the risks way out strip them.

"the statistics are a farce" - really? Have you done a lifetime of comprehensive study into the effects of tobacco smoke? Because I'm pretty sure if you could prove that then you'd be one of the richest men in the world!

" NOTHING causes cancer, because we are ALL BORN with it." Since you were polite to me in your last post, I will be too. I'm not trying to piss out off when I say this, but your talking nonsense. How do you explain the FACT that 85% of lung cancer patients smoke? You just can't argue figures that are as big as that! Why is it that >90% of women that get cervical cancer have contracted HPV at some point in their lives?

"Hell, eating too much chocolate will undoubtedly kill you much sooner." Drinking more than 18 litres of water in a single day will most likely kill you. If you know this fact (as smokers know tobacco can cause COPD/cancer,etc,etc) but decide against the health risks and drink over 18litres of water then why should the government, and therefore tax payers, pay for your self-induced sickness?

"Let's tax the crap out of Mcdonalds" Why is that madness? I personally think all high calorific foods should have a hefty tax added. And I personally eat way too crap as it's cheap and convenient. My BMI is 26, slightly overweight and if they lowered the price of fresh fruit and such and increased crap foods then I would lose weight. That would be good for me now, but over a lifetime it could save my life from weight related issues such as cardiovascular disease. Not only would the government save money from less deaths related to CVD (number one killer in all the West) but they make money from the tax. So people could still eat as much as they like and the government would have plenty of money to treat both them and the real sick people out there! I think that's fair!
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