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Default Re: big ciggarrette cover up

Originally Posted by superted View Post
"Add that to the fact that there are other "independent" studies on smoking that show it isn't bad."

Could you provide a link please? As I just stated to ihimself, 85% of lung cancer suffers smoke.....and you think that somehow tobacco is ok for you? Get real!
Must i do your research for you?

Go to this site FORCES - THE EVIDENCE - Therapeutic effects of smoking and you will see lots of docs and refs.

Just some of the titles:

Smoking lowers Parkinson's disease risk

Impact of Smoking on Clinical and Angiographic Restenosis After Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

Shocker: 'Villain' nicotine slays TB

As you know, all these studies have been kept out of the mainstream media as then it will be found out that "Smoking doesn't Kill", it is the "Chemicals Added to Tobacco" that kill!
When this is really investigated, then governments will have a lot to answer for.

Put two and two together and ask yourself: Why would a Government want to poison, make scary etc. a product that immunized against TB?
What would occur if the drug companies were found to be negligent in their vaccine programs?

Your reasoning semantics can be applied to the following: Driving Kills

A person holding a steering wheel is in danger of having a serious accident, therefore Driving is a Health Risk!

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