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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

Originally Posted by superted View Post
Scientists use science, they didn't invent it. I believe most scientists are trustworthy but there are a few bad apples, as per every profession. When a team of scientists publish a paper in well respected journal, I will take their findings as gospel because peer reviewed journals follow strict and unbiased rules. How those papers and results are construed and skewed by media is not the fault of scientists and definitely not the fault of science.

Your a fine example yourself blue, you posted earlier about how pesticides cause ADHD. There is absolutely no causative link established and the fine research scientists at the top university in the world (harvard) that wrote the paper do not claim there to be a proved link either. It's people like yourself and the masses that see the media headline, "Pesticides cause ADHD" and BOOM every1 just believes it.

Of course the same sheep then a few years down the line find out that something else causes ADHD and guess who gets the blame....the media....the the poor scientists.
Excuse me, ted, but I posted information about a recent report that ADHD is the cause of pesticides on vegetables and fruits.

I didn't state this to be my opinion nor did I conduct the study and I don't consider you to have any pertinent knowledge regarding this topic so stop pretending that you do.

First you don't trust any scientists.

Now you trust some.

Make up your mind.

How can you possibly trust science completely and not scientists when many SCIENTIFIC facts are the result of research and study by scientists using science?

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