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Default Re: Warning. Above Top Secret is a CIA/Freemason front!

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
How would that be constituted as "contempt of court?"
By the definition of "Contempt of Court": Any action which constitutes the spreading of evidence outside a courtroom and then having that evidence heard in a courtroom and expecting "justice".

From Wikipedia:

A finding of contempt of court may result from a failure to obey a lawful order of a court, showing disrespect for the judge, disruption of the proceedings through poor behavior, or publication of material deemed likely to jeopardize a fair trial. A judge may impose sanctions such as a fine or jail for someone found guilty of contempt of court. Judges in common law systems usually have more extensive power to declare someone in contempt than judges in civil law systems.
Contempt of court - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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