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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

Blue, your really starting to bore me. How about stop being so pedantic? It comes across very childish, your not a kid are you?

"How can you possibly trust science completely and not scientists when many SCIENTIFIC facts are the result of research and study by scientists using science?"

Pedantic, pedantic, pedantic. Look here's a simple analogy that most people will understand.

If there's a disease called the blue-annoyance which so far can't be cured but only managed. A team of pharmaceutical scientists invent a new drug to treat it, drug 'A'. Now there's currently a med out right now and it reduces morbidity by 20%, drug 'B'. A study is carried out by another team of scientists across the world in the US and there peer reviewed and published journal shows very clearly that drug A reduces morbidity by an astonishing 80%. Similar studies are carried out in respective countries and they all come up with similar results.

The example above shows that you don't need to trust a single scientist, the paper contains lots of background writing, discussion, etc but really all that matters are the results. Plain old numbers on a page that clearly state that drug A works better, numbers do NOT lie, only the way the numbers are INTERPRETED can be false. So simply, if you don't trust scientists themselves then read their paper, check their facts and figures and come up with your conclusions.
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