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Default Re: Christina Aguilera is controlled by the Illuminati -- how to help stop them both.

I knew something was up with this video. I just watched it again and I think I caught all of the Illuminati cues. Before I list them, it's important to understand what actually happened to Christina. I'm quite sure you all remember the infamous Madonna/Britney kiss.(If you don't, youtube it. I'm sure you'll find it.) That was the ritual that showed you who was next in line to lead the hypersexual programming of your daughters. If you'll notice in that clip Madonna has the top hat and cane (she was both Britney and Christina's handler) Britney was in white, Christina in black (search: Jachin and Boaz). Madonna kisses Britney (Passing the torch to her, with Christina waiting in the wing.) The problem is Britney broke her programming, hence the meltdown. So who steps up like a good mind control slave.......? Yep, you guessed it, Christina. This video proves it. The most obvious indicator is the eye symbol, not to mention that Christina is "not the same girl" i.e. programmed sex slave. The next indicator most might have overlooked is how she crawled on the floor and then feigned drinking from a bowl like a cat (can you say sex kitten programming?). Then there was the part of the video where she stood atop the staircase between 2 sun sigils (this is getting deep-search: Jachin and Boaz). The last thing I noticed were the 2 perfume bottles standing next to each other, one clear, the other dark in color (again search: Jachin and Boaz check out the images on your search engine). OH...I forgot to mention that for the majority of the video she was in either black or white(can you say masonic checkered floor?? No? how about dualistic nature?). She also wore red, the color of lust. The Illuminati uses actors, politicians, musicians and news pundits to subtly twist your thinking so that they can bring about the new world order. The best, most public example of that is Barack Obama (don't get me wrong, I'm a brotha and I'm glad we finally have a black president, I just wish he wasn't a puppet). You can thank Morgan Freeman and Dennis Haysbert for Obama's rise to power, along with the other media puppeteers the Illuminati employs. If it hadn't been for those two black actors taking roles as the president(Deep Impact and The West Wing, respectively) America would've never fathomed that a black man could run the country. These people(Illuminati) are black magicians and the only way the spells work is if you give them permission for the spells to work. So, they bombard you with their plans and ideas until you're comfortable with them, until you bleat them around the water cooler and they become your ideas. They want to shake our faith in the things we hold sacred. So they attack nationalism (how's your faith in the American economy? I think there's still a corner of the constitution they haven't ripped to shreds.), religion (pedo-priests), the nuclear family (gay marriage, teen pregnancy, absentee fathers). They're patiently waiting until we can no longer take it and are desperate for someone or something to save us. That's when they'll swoop in with their one world government and as Padme said "...liberty dies, with thunderous applause."
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