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Default Have we procreated ourselves into oblivion?

I'd like to start by saying this is not another dig at humanity or society it is an observation by a dedicated observer.As the human population increases every year the world around us has become more and more chaotic this is only to be expected as we loose all of the roles and connections that we had as tribal societies that made each member responsible for the next.The question is how do we take back control from the nanny state and redestribute it amongst the people who will act accordingly?
I do not know the answer to this question,i dont know if society in general could truely handle having respsobility for each other we made a balls of it before i know, but it seems that things wont get better until we realise that we can no longer continue to blame the world around us or can we?Is it that we have been manipulated into over population by a greedy, selfish and corrupt goverment{their all the same} this also seems likely let me know what you all think.

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