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Default Re: Das kapital or mein kamph a relevant choice!

Ok i understand what your saying but theres a a few things...The oldest evidence for life on this planet is 2.3 to 2.5 billion years ago."3.8"bln years ago this planet had only been in existence for about 3oo million years most of the surface was erupting volcanoes that could not yet support life.Secondly percentage matches of D.N.A with other speices have shown that there is upto a 4% difference between the different races even though were told "we evolved into modern humans in africa and then went forth and multiplied"the percentage between chimps from anywhere in the world is 2% why are we so far apart and after only 2 million years.Thirdly if it only took us such a short time to evolve then why has no evidence been found for previous intelligent life forms that would have evolved before us?And no our genetic code is not the only evidence the main evidence exists within writen texts and carvings from the oldest civilization's on earth and within the double helix of indigenous populations.

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