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Default Are American Freemasons 'Blue Bloods'?

I would like to make the observation that American Freemasonry does not appear to be that different from its kin in Europe.

In the United Kingdom the Freemasons are very much sponsored by the present Royal Family. The Duke of Kent is the official head of the Freemasons while the Queen heads the Order of the Druids.

However considering that American history is somewhat different from UK history, why is it that the rites and rituals are practically identical?

Why is it that an elitist, aristocratic organisation from Europe is copied such that an almost exact replica is found in the US?

Surely there is nothing revolutionary or republican in an organisation that traces its roots back to the medieval Knights Templar?

I was interested to hear how the masonic Skull and Bones of Yale of which George Bush senior was a member has its origins traced back to America's 'Blue Bloods'. These people weren't really committed to American Independence and owned a lot of wealth they didn't wish to lose.

On America's Blue Bloods see the following link:

Bluebloods: America’s Ruling Class

Anton Chaitkin in his book "Treason in America: from Aaron Burr to Averell Harriman" documents the takeover of the US by these Blue Bloods. He traces their descents from their family archives.

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