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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

"Your problem is you can't stand people being cleverer and better educated than yourself."

Well when you come out with a comment as mature and witty as that then I conceit defeat, you are obviously more educated than me!

"I have been very patient in explaining scientific and technical matters and would expect a little more respect in return."

Patient eh? Respect eh? Are you serious? Let us slowly go through our conversation.

1. I politely and kindly question your previous post.

2. The first paragraph of your reply is simply the word, "No." You try to explain it but it doesn't answer my question.

3. I actually say your probably right, and ask a series of related but completely different questions that you haven't answered or even tried to answer yet.

4. You throw the toys out of the pram. "superted, you appear to be a slow learner." No need to insult but I guess that's what "more educated" people do to win debates eh?

You know what I think your problem is gale, just like others on here that has tried to blind with science falsely has been caught out by me and now that I'm pressing you on your 'calculations' you throw the toys out of the pram instead of simply answering my straight questions, why, because your talking total nonsense?
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