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Default Re: Das kapital or mein kamph a relevant choice!

Can you pm it? I don't think your allowed to post email addresses....perhaps blue could shed some light on that?

"As for the first and last intelligent speices on this planet that would go against evolution and natural selection as we understand it, wouldn't it?"

To assume the epitome of natural selection is being intelligent would be wrong. Today's bacteria are far more adept at surviving in any and all environments and they are not what you would call intelligent. Yes it's possible that there could be another intelligent species on this planet, I just think it highly unlikely. All organisms on this planet, bar us, get by fine without intelligence and if there's no need for it, it will not evolve that way.

You talk of our complex DNA and how it must have been altered by a higher power (aliens or whatever) yet our DNA is just as complex as other vertebrates. We just so happen to have higher brain functions, random mutations in our ancestors DNA lead to the human dominated world we live in today.
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