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Default Re: big ciggarrette cover up

"Your reasoning semantics can be applied to the following: Driving Kills

A person holding a steering wheel is in danger of having a serious accident, therefore Driving is a Health Risk!


What do you think car insurance is for? lol

Right lets stop cherry picking words and quote mining, and more importantly misrepresenting scientific data. You talk about how smoking is therapeutic? Right well I went to the links and here's what I found.

1. You say smoking "a product that immunized against TB?" How about reading the articles you post, here's the link.
I think you'll find that nicotine is found in cigarettes, but it's not what does the physical harm to the lungs....duh! Here's a direct quote from the paper you referenced,

"If it proves itself in further study, people might swallow capsules of nicotine or get intravenous doses to stave off their TB in the future." Not cigarettes!!!

2. Smokeless tobacco, we're talking about smoking!
"The observation that smokeless tobacco users also have a lower risk of Parkinson's disease suggests that the most likely candidates are not compounds generated by combustion, but rather constituents of the tobacco leaves."

And from the same study that you support is states the following interesting line which I'm sure you'll ignore.

"Obviously smoking has a multitude of negative consequences."

3. "These findings have important implications for the follow-up of smokers after PCI and suggest that cross-study comparisons of rates of clinical restenosis must account for the potential confounding effect of smoking."
This study you referenced has only a link between less frequent repeated revascularization after percutaneous coronary intervention. As the above quote states, there needs to be follow up cross-study comparisons to see if the benefits outweigh the negatives...which they probably don't, as seen with your TB study.

And yea you do need to do my research for me, because it's you trying prove something and as I've just slaughtered any point you had proves that there is no research backing the therapeutic effects for me to find in the first place!
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