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Originally Posted by kerry View Post
everyones saying 9/11 was a inside job..
... because that's the only conclusion one can draw from looking at the evidence objectively.

Originally Posted by kerry View Post
the wtc was attacked two times..
what is it with the world trade that those diaper heads with the wtc that bothers them.
It's not the "diaper heads" that are bothered with the WTC. It's Silverstein and the other Jewish moguls who had to spend way too much money to keep it running and needed a profitable way to get rid of it. By creating 9/11, they could not only scam insurances but also create a pretext for their already planned war against Afghanistan.

Originally Posted by kerry View Post
the point im making is being they have been causeing problems from that far back.. was the inside job because of the wtc. what inside job. its been building the whole 20th century.
OSS/CIA, MI6/OSS and Mossad have been quite active in black ops for quite a while. It's amazing you still seem to believe their lies in spite of all the dirt that's come out during the last few decades.
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