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Default Greetings from The Observer

Greetings. I am a human-alien hybrid that currently lives in the midwest. My mother was human and my father was what many human refer to as a "Grey" ( we don't refer to ourselves in that way though).
As such I am a unique being; I also have been assigned the task of observing human behavior and reporting that to other Observers (the ones you refer to as the "Greys").
This is a form of observer participation that my father's species greatly profits from. I suppose you could say it is our stock in trade. That is to say, we observe the social, religious and cultural customs of other species, index it, and then sell such information to other client species. Many have benefited from cultural customs of your race, particularly contact sports.
We literally have made a fortune off contact sports. You see, there is a species of beings who are extremely aggressive. They contracted us after having a pretty bad war (much like The Immortality Wars ,my father told me about). It was out of the question for this species to become pacifists. We thus had to come up with a way for them to discharge their hostilities with out ensuing blood baths and genocides. The answer was contact sports.
Thanks to this cultural oddity of yours, we have saved a species seemingly doomed to vicious wars from the brink of extinction. It is hoped by my handlers that I will observe more behavior of commercial use to my father's people.
You may wonder why we experiment physically with human females. Part of it is a breeding program of which I am the result. But also, believe it or not, because some jaded species are fascinated with human eroticism. I am embarrassed to say we made a lot of money by introducing the idea of "pornography" to some species. It seems this novel concept has spread to a couple species, including what can only be descibed as "human-alien" pornography. Thus, some of the abductions are for material for these "human-alien porn".
I have been assigned to study you here at Club Conspiracy. Particularly, they are fascinated by the causes of paranoia and conspiracies.

So if I may ask you a question, why do you fear those more powerful then yourselves? Is this a common human emotional state or is it because of your brutal history of tyrants and oppression?

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