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Default Re: Best Evidence for aliens

Originally Posted by revoltnow View Post
I dont Believe they no longer exist just that theres a possibility that their main intrest in their experiment or as we call it humanity has run its coarse,thats not to say they dont drop in from time to time but i do believe that they at some point finished the work they had started and left the rest of us to our own devises.
Not really true. My fathers species which specialized in commercial anthropology (I guess to use your terms) will study your species for a long time.
Your species is unique and fascinating. As a hybrid, I am closer to your species then I am to my fathers, but not fully human like my mothers.
We have made a lot of money off selling ideas we got from the study of your societies here, and will probably make more. Since our clients are always looking for novel customs and solutions to societal problems, it would be foolish for my father and the rest of the Observers to go away and thus loose to what us seems like a gold mine.
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