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Default Re: Why a public Central Bank would be great.

The Federal Reserve could not exist if it were not for government deficit spending.. That is what they do.. Loan the government money for the emergencies that they create in our names...The way to solve the problem is to not have deficit spending..

Forget about politicians, and voting out the representatives that sign these bills indebting our children's children to tax slavery.. We are way beyond that..

The real reason that Timothy Leary was thrown into prison was that his message was to drop out of the war machine.. Turn on, tune in, and drop out is the answer..

It doesn't take drugs it takes personal integrity to resist this evil empire.. and all we have to do is drop out... Grow our own food live simply and barter and the whole NWO scam will fail.

Would you trade your microwave oven for your great grandchildren's future is the question.

MaryX.. The way to get rid of the rushdoonies of the world is to not post after he enters a thread.. When the administrators see what is happening, they will get rid of him, and people like him, or the site itself will be destroyed by
the disruptors and the destroyers of honest discourse... I don't think Henry would like that.
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