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Default Re: Best Evidence for aliens

Originally Posted by superted View Post
Yea I seen that

Revoltnow's link

Pretty f'ing cool eh? I love science! Soon we'll all live forever as brains in vats put inside a robot body, although I think they need to improve Asimo a bit more lol.
gross! i have a better idea ted. sell your soul to me the A.C. and i will grant you any one wish. youve heard of Genie(jinn-E) in a bottle? well im a Genie in the matrix! now... you will have to fill out a application and sign it in blood, yours ofcourse! then ill have to have a background check done on your soul. all grey areas ted. im saying your one wish can be immortallity. the way you are... forever. just dont get mad at how i do it! i might just send a Vampire to your house cuz my powers arent all quite mapped out yet -yours truly, the divine A.C.

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