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Default Re: Warning. Above Top Secret is a CIA/Freemason front!

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Posting on the internet is at your own risk.

What profile/information would you give to them anyway that would cause a problem?

Sorry, but the folllowing comment by you doesn't make any sense:

"So if they don't delete people's profiles they still have the statistics of that person added to their total, and they can use these accounts to harrass other members, using your name!"
Firstly, i am not worried about any information I have given them personally, I have changed my IP address so that was the only thing that is unique.

Secondly, the fact that they still keep your profile, and they use your profile to harass other members, means that "you" are doing it!
Try and prove otherwise!
By using your profile to harass others, they can do and say things that they couldn't normally.
As for the statistics, they are exaggerated!
If you have better statistics you can get better recognition and advertising.

I reckon that if you deducted all the phantom members of ATS, there wouldn't be many left!

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