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Default Re: Warning. Above Top Secret is a CIA/Freemason front!

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post

It doesn't clarify it.

Particulary because you continue to believe that someone can use your PROFILE to accomplish that which you say the have.

Please look-up the word PROFILE.

Thank you,
From User profile - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia we find this:

A User Profile (userprofile, or simply profile when used in-context) is a collection of personal data associated to a specific user.
A profile refers therefore to the explicit digital representation of a person's identity. A user profile can also be considered as the computer representation of a user model.
A profile can be used to store the description of the characteristics of person. This information can be exploited by systems taking into account the persons' characteristics and preferences.
So, to clarify more, a User Profile, is a collection of personal data associated to a user. (I won't go into specifics )

A profile is the digital representation of that person.

The site on which that profile is stored can use that profile for whatever purposes it likes.
That profile is, and never was, "your property", it doesn't reside on your computer and you don't have to give permission for it's use.

(This is not insinuating that you are doing this, I was just bringing to light the practices of other sites)
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