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Default Re: just for you blue nose

Originally Posted by kerry View Post
blue nose no mater how i tried not to loose it with you you still crap on me. go find somone else to dump on. and take your dumb attatude with you
I don't crap on or dump on people.

I call it as I see it.

That's why I am who I am.

My attitude goes with me wherever I go and I'm not going anywhere so it will be staying with me right here.

P.S. I don't like bigots and, btw, most people don't.

You want to stay here and talk.

Then talk, but leave the bigotry out of it.

Do not refer to people of different origins, sexual orientation, religion, etc. in a derrogatory manner.

Acceptance, Kerry, for those who are different than you.

If not, your heart will only be full of hate.

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